Book list: Anti-Racist

In the spring of 2019, I posted a picture on Twitter about an upcoming regional mathematics conference, started a bit of a Twitter scuffle and did not understand how to respond. That was on the heals of returning from the Standards Institute with UnboundEd when I realized that my color-blindness view of the world helped no one and I needed to do better for ALL students in Iowa.

I made a commitment to get smarter about race and the impacts in education.  Until ALL of our students achieve at high levels of mathematics, this is the work!

I have wanted to make this page for a while…and now is the time.

For now, here is what I have read/listened to since March 2019, to find out why the non-white middle class student in Iowa are not doing better in mathematics class because I believe they can and should be.

“White Fragility” – Self-Reflection     “Trevor Noah Born a Crime” – Code Switching

“So You Want To Talk About Race” Gave me the courage to step out and talk to others

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