Hi Everyone,

I am April Pforts and I serve the Iowa Department of Education as the sole mathematics consultant.  At the national level, I serve as the State Supervisor of Mathematics.  I am in my fifth year and the information and learning that I have gained from being in these roles should be shared to be of use to others. This website is an effort to provide a way for me to “share” information in which I do not have another platform in which to share.

Keeping the information to myself does not benefit anyone. I am not the originator of the information but the gatherer, organizer and sharer of information that is widely known across the national mathematics educational community in this country. I welcome my colleagues across this national stage to reach out to me and correct and clarify any in correct information or communication of that information in the way that it is represented. It is part of the checks and balances and how viewers will know the information is correct.

This website is not and should not be considered soft or hard official guidance from the Iowa Department of Education.  This is a sharing of information. We are a local control state and educators at all levels are encouraged to follow the leadership and protocols in their purview.

Please contact me at email me april.pforts@iowa.gov  or cell: 515-314-6243.

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